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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Always wear your invisible crown

Always wear your invisible crown...I love this quote.  To me, it means to remember how fabulous you are!  No matter how old you are, how much you weigh, what color your hair is!  You are beautifully and wonderfully made!  It takes everyone to make the world go round!

A friend of mine has a daughter who has struggled this past year with an eating disorder.  She was being made fun of at school...called fat.  Which shouldn't happen no matter what, but kids can be so mean.  She was so thin to begin with.  I can't imagine her thinking she's fat!  But she didn't feel pretty.  She didn't feel accepted or loved at school.  So she stopped eating.  She put her life in danger because of someone else's opinion of her.  Her self worth was that low!  She forgot to wear her invisible crown.  She's come a long way.  She is getting healthy and it will be a struggle for her, maybe forever.  But she's doing it.  She believed she could, so she did.  Another favorite quote.

So let's all remember that we are beautiful inside where it matters.  We matter.  And we are loved, even if you feel alone sometimes.  Remember to wear your invisible crown, so that you can know how fabulous, wonderful, amazing you are!

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