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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco De Mayo

First of all, let me remind everyone that yesterday was International Star Wars Day...I went around all day and said, "May the fourth be with you"...and cracked up every time!  I love it!  And, since my youngun is a huge Star Wars buff, it meant something to us...but it was just FUNNY!

Having said that, it's May 5th today...Cinco de Mayo...which I realize is not a real holiday or anything.  Just an excuse to eat great Mexican food, have margaritas, and party!  I never thought I would say I missed Del Rio (Laughlin AFB, TX)...I knew I would miss my people, my work...our friends...but today, I am reminiscing and I definitely miss it!  I don't think I would be upset if we had to go back.  Well, I might...the reasons we wanted to leave are still there...but it definitely had its good points.  I loved my job with a passion!  Loved the people...and the friends I made there are amazing.  I still have those, though!  But, today, on Cinco de Mayo, I am especially missing the food!  The guisado at the Union Cafe...breakfast tacos at Rudy's or Chintos...I am salivating as I write this.  Yum. And the good people up here in New Jersey do not know what Mexican food is.  If you are looking for Italian food, just look down the street and you will see at least 10 Italian food restaurants.  But no Mexican.  And you can't even ask anyone!  They don't know!  Lucky for us, we found a great one in a town up the road.  And (yum) we are going there for dinner to celebrate!  I can't wait!  Great salsa and street tacos! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody!

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  1. LOL My in-laws (from Philly) would probably gouge their own eyes out before setting foot in a Mexican restaurant. Italian? Yes. Mexican? No way in hell. ;)

    PS. May the Fourth cracked me up all day too, but I didn't get too many chances to say it. Sam and Molly just didn't see the humor in it like I did! ;)