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Monday, April 23, 2012

Date night

This weekend we actually had DATE NIGHT!  We have not been together for the past THREE anniversaries, so we wanted to make up for it.  We took our kid to a friend's house where he played video games for 6 hours (he probably didn't even realize he wasn't at home anymore!).  We went to the Capital Grille in Cherry Hill, NJ.  If you've never been to one, they are AWESOME!  Great, upscale steakhouse.  But very expensive.  Lucky for us, we received a gift card from family!  The food was amazing...I was going to take a picture, but I got so excited and ate it ALL before I remembered.  I figured a picture of my empty plate wouldn't have quite the impact...Did I mention it was EXPENSIVE?  We got two steaks, an order of cream corn with bacon, a ceasar salad and french onion soup that we split.  My hubs got a glass of wine and I had a coke.  $166.00.  Really.  Thank goodness our gift card was for a hundred bucks!  But it was so good!  And we were doing three anniversaries in this one, so...

On another note, I bought these super cute, super high red heels to go with a zebra print dress I had...what a perfect opportunity to wear it!  Well...the shoes were fine when I bought them, fine when I put them on, but after sweating into my shoes for a while (gross, I know) my feet were sliding down into a puddle into the front of the shoe!  There was at least a half inch in the back of the shoe.  They were flopping on and off like flip flops when I walked!  So, we went to the mall and my dear hubs bought me a cute pair of jeans from the Buckle AND a new pair of black wedges that were so much better than my red high heels...but I'll still wear them (I just need those things you put in the shoes to keep your feet comfortable and in place!)...

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