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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Parenting in the World of Technology

I think all parents wonder about their parenting abilities at some point in their children's lives.  I think about it constantly.  Am I bad parent if I give him this?  If I don't do this?  Will he have life long problems if we talk about this too early or too late?  I know my child is spoiled...he's the only one I'll ever have.  So, what happened is partly my fault.  I'm the one who gave a 9 year old an iPhone and expected him to act responsibly.  Which he has done well until today.  It's easy to forget that he's only 9.  He's so husband says he has an old soul.  But today, he acted like the kid he is.  What happened, you may be asking...We woke up to about 15 emails from iTunes...confirmation emails of purchases made on our account.  To the tune of $1400.  Yes...14 HUNDRED.  Our child was purchasing in app money, having NO idea he was using real money to do it.  We thought we were being responsible by turning off in app purchasing on his phone, never realizing that when you update the phone it resets all of those things.  You have to redo it every time!  I have to give a shout out to Steve at iTunes support.  He was awesome and helped us out immensely.  Apple is reversing the charges (after gentle chiding about parental controls).  We dodged a bullet with that one...but this is a public service announcement!  Your child may not have an iPhone, but does he have an iPod?  Anything with Apple apps/iTunes...check it out!  Be aware!  We learned our expensive one!

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  1. Wow, that's crazy! Our youngest plays games on our iPods, but luckily asks about things popping up to buy.